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By Piotr W. Nowak

Huge scale geometry is the learn of geometric gadgets considered from an exceptional distance. the assumption of huge scale geometry will be traced again to Mostow's paintings on stress and the paintings of varc, Milnor, and Wolf on development of teams. within the final many years, huge scale geometry has chanced on vital functions in workforce concept, topology, geometry, larger index conception, computing device technology, and massive facts research. This booklet offers a pleasant method of the elemental idea of this interesting and quickly turning out to be topic and provides a glimpse of its functions to topology, geometry, and better index conception. The authors have made a conscientious attempt to make the publication available to complicated undergraduate scholars, graduate scholars, and non-experts. A booklet of the ecu Mathematical Society (EMS). dispensed in the Americas by means of the yank Mathematical Society.

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If  is not trivial, then it introduces “twisting” in the first coordinate, while the second coordinate behaves as in the direct product. G Ì H /=G is isomorphic to H . These facts are left as exercises. We first introduce a metric on the quotient group that ensures that the quotient map is 1-Lipschitz. Let † be a finite, symmetric generating set for G. Denote the quotient map by q W G ! G=N . †/. The group G acts on the quotient group G=N by left multiplication in the usual way: gŒh D Œgh where g 2 G and Œh 2 G=N is the coset represented by h 2 G.

3. Does Grigorchuk’s group have finite decomposition complexity? The following result shows that the class of groups with finite decomposition complexity is very large. 4. n; F /. Then G has finite decomposition complexity. We refer to [117] for a proof. 9. 1. Show, using only the definition, that asdim Z2 is exactly 2. 2. N/ (or any Banach space which does not have a finite basis) have infinite asymptotic dimension. 3. U; V / R. 4. 3. 5. Show that the wreath product of finitely generated groups is finitely generated.

D l X nk k ; kD l where nk 2 Z. Consider the group à ³ ²Â n p. 2; R/. The subgroup H  G, defined by ²  ó 1 p. 1/ . We remark that Z o Z is a subgroup of G, consisting of all matrices with the right upper entry to be of the form p. 2 /. Hence asdim G D 1. 2. The group G has finite decomposition complexity. Proof. 5. A similar strategy shows that elementary amenable groups have finite decomposition complexity. We will discuss amenability in the next section, however the class of elementary amenable groups can be described without referring to amenability.

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