Download Play 1...Nc6!: A complete chess opening repertoire for Black by Christoph Scheerer (previously Wisnewski) PDF

By Christoph Scheerer (previously Wisnewski)

During this unique e-book, Christoph Wisnewski, who's popular for his leading edge and adventurous beginning principles, offers the reader with an formidable and all-encompassing repertoire for Black opposed to each major line commencing that White can play, in keeping with the preliminary circulate 1...Nc6. The imperative elements of this black repertoire are the uncompromising Chigorin Defence, a long-time favorite of the bright Russian Grandmaster Alexander Morozevich, and the both difficult Nimzowitsch Defence, endorsed through Britain’s first ever Grandmaster, Tony Miles.

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After that the two bishops and two pawns should provide more than enough chances in this unbalanced position. But those who do not like these com­ plications can choose 6 .. :�£5. lt:Je5 9 l2:lxe5 'ili'xe5 10 f3 (10 �e3?! is dubious because of 10 . xc6?? Benci, Slo­ vakian League 1995, and now 15 .. 'i¥g4 would have held the balance. l:txd2 with a slight ad­ vantage to Black) 15 lt'\xa7+ Wb8 16 lLlb5 e6, where Black's plan is to exploit the d4-square. e7 1 8 nad1 lt:Jh6! d1 lt:Jd4 25 Wfl f5 and due to the activity of his pieces Black is better.

D3! 29 'iW'xd3 "ii'xe6+ White is without counterplay. l:If2+ 30 �d3 l:txg2 31 Wxd4 b6 32 axb6 axb6 3 3 �xd5 :&txh2 34 We6? Blocking the path of the e-pawn makes no sense. Instead 34 Wd6 makes use of the knight on b3 which prevents the annoying check from behind. 34 ... xf2 gxf2 37 ctJd2 The dust has settled. Black's only problem is the misplaced knight on c6. In exchange he has a lead in develop­ ment and good kingside prospects. f8 22 b5 lLlb8 2 3 ::Jdz c 5 1 24 c4 Lacking alternatives, White tries to unbalance the position, but with pre­ cise play Black should gain the upper hand.

G4. I will ac­ tually cover both, as it will not hurt to be able to react differently to different (tournament) situations. es are less complicated, we might as well start our investigation at this point. Its advan­ tages can be summed up quickly: not only does it renew the attack on d4, it also frees the path for the dark-squared bishop and therefore saves the queen from being harassed, as 5 tt:lc3 is met by s ... i.. b4. xc3 e4 8 tt:\es tt:lxes 9 dxes tt:le7 when we have ar­ rived at the critical position of 4 ...

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