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By D. Richter (auth.), Hiroo Imura M. D. (eds.)

This quantity covers new facets and destiny instructions in molecular neuroendocrinology, a massive and quickly turning out to be zone in neuroendocrinology. one of the numerous neurotransmitters or neuromodulators that play a massive position within the keep an eye on of endocrine capabilities, neuropeptides and comparable proteins have drawn certain recognition as a result of their range and complexity in motion. extra lately, molecular biology has turn into an important device of analysis during this sector. numerous genes encoding neuropeptides and different comparable professional- teins were cloned, and the rules of expression of those genes has been studied broadly. Transgenic animals were utilized in learning the functionality of the gene in que- stion. In-situ hybridization is being utilized to localize the location of construction and learn the rules of professional- duction of peptides or proteins.

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Recombinant DNA Technologies in Neuroendocrinology

This quantity covers new features and destiny instructions in molecular neuroendocrinology, a major and swiftly becoming sector in neuroendocrinology. one of the a number of neurotransmitters or neuromodulators that play a tremendous function within the keep watch over of endocrine services, neuropeptides and similar proteins have drawn certain realization due to their variety and complexity in motion.

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Gustafsson Dellweg H-G, HotzA, Mugele K, Gehring U (1982) Active domains in wild-type and mutant glucocorticoid receptors. EMBO J 3:285-289 Denis M, Gustafsson J-A (1989) The Mr~90,000 heat shock protein: important modulator of ligand and DNA-binding properties of the glucocorticoid receptor. Cancer Res 49:22452281 Denis M, Poellinger L, Wikstrom A-C, Gustafsson J-A (1988) Requirement of hormone for thermal activation of the glucocorticoid receptor to a DNA binding state. Nature 333:686-688 Diamond DJ, Goodman HW (1985) Regulation of growth hormone messenger RNA synthesis by dexamethasone and triiodothyronine; transcriptional rate and mRNA stability changes in pituitary tumor cells.

References Adler S Waterman ML, He X, Rosenfeld MG (1988) Steroid receptor-mediated inhibition of rat prolactin gene expression does not require the receptor DNA-binding domain. Cell 52:685-695 Akerblom IE, Slater EP, Beato M, Baxter JD, Mellon PL (1988) Negative regulation by glucocorticoids through interference with a cAMP responsive enhancer. Science 241:350-353 Ankenbauer W, Strahle U, Schutz G (1988) Synergistic action of glucocorticoid and estradiol responsive elements. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 85:7526-7530 Beato M, Chalepakis G, Schauer M, Slater EP (1989) DNA regulatory elements for steroid hormones.

8. Effect of cycloheximide on GR mRNA levels. S flglml cycloheximide. l 100 o 123456 Time(hr) 24 Y. Dong, S. -A. Gustafsson 28 mRNA level about four-fold. This effect rapidly reached a maximal response after 4 h and was maintained for at least 24 h (Fig. 8). 2 cells, cycloheximide also increased GR mRNA about four-fold (Fig. 9). It is tempting to speculate that a short-lived repressor-like protein is controlling the basal level of expression of the GR gene in rat hepatoma cells. Removal of this protein by cycloheximide increases the transcriptional activity of the GR gene.

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