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By David Solmonson

It’s a process, a device equipment, a recipe ebook. starting with one impossible to resist idea--a entire domestic bar of simply 12 key bottles--here’s easy methods to make greater than 2 hundred vintage and special combined beverages, together with sours, slings, toddies, and highballs, plus the proper Martini, the precise big apple, and definitely the right Mint Julep.

It’s a shocking guide--tequila didn’t make the reduce, and neither did bourbon, yet genever did. And it’s a literate guide--describing with nice liveliness every thing from the significance of vermouth and bitters (the “salt and pepper” of mixology) to the tale of a punch bowl so massive it was once stirred via a boy in a rowboat.

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Ice for shaking and stirring if you keep only a small supply of “presentation ice” (such as molded cubes and spears) on hand, do not waste it on shaking and stirring—only use it for serving. Instead put ice-maker cubes or regular ice tray cubes to work; when made from filtered water, they are quite serviceable. High-quality store-bought ice is a good option, too (supermarkets typically sell different grades). As you can see, how you apply ice can vastly change your drink. As the “starter pistol” in cocktail making, it can help win or lose the race.

The term punch is said to come from the Hindi word for “five,” referring to the drink’s five chief ingredients: alcohol, water, sugar, spice, and citrus. For the purposes of this chapter and cocktail making in general, punch is the cornerstone one-bottle drink chiefly because punch solves the core problem of alcohol: how to make it quaffable. Pick Your Poison . . ” No matter how much we or anyone else tries to sell you on, say, gin, if you don’t like gin (sigh), skip the gin. Drink what you like—that’s all that matters.

If you like, float slices of lemon, lime, or other fruits, or edible flowers in the water. 2 Cover with plastic wrap and carefully place in the freezer until frozen solid, most likely overnight. 3 To unmold, place the pan in a shallow bowl of hot water, making sure the water doesn’t reach the top of the pan, until the ice loosens. Turn the pan upside down to release the ice. Specialty Shapes There are a variety of silicone ice molds and trays in an array of wacky shapes—UFOs, vampire teeth, even capsule-shaped “chill pills”—on the market that have no particular use, but can be fun to play around with.

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