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Looked via many because the maximum yogi after Milarepa to realize enlightenment in a single lifetime...a resource of thought to Buddhist practitioners and normal readers alike.--The Dalai Lama

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A short biography can also be found in RO, pp. 164-88. Kalden Gyatso was a disciple of another famous hermit, Chapa Rinpoche Lobzang Tenpai Gyaltsen (clws pa rin po che blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan, 1581-1659). 3. The Victorious Ones, Father and Son: the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama. 4. The Eight Places of the Accomplished Ones (grub tlwb gnas brgyad), in the Golden Valley ofRekong, are eight places prophesied by Guru Padmasambhava where eight great yogins of his lineage practiced, attained realization and performed many miracles.

25. 17ze Sutra of Compassion's White Lotus (Skt. runa-pundarika-sutra, Tib. snying rje chen po padrna dkarpo'i mdo, T 111-12). 26. 1he Sutra of the Meeting of Father and Son (Skt. yab dang sras mjal ba'i mdo, T 60), which is part of the Ratnakuta. 27. 17ze Great Drum Sutra (Skt. mahabheriharakaparinirvana, Tib. rnga bo che chen po'i mdo, T 222). 28. The Salty River Sutra (Tib. ba tshwa cangyi chu klung gi. mdo) is not found in the list of contents of Derge Kangyur (sde dge bka' ~ur). This declaration may be one of those verses which are found as quotes in translated commentaries, whereas the original sutras to which they belong have been lost, or were never translated into Tibetan.

4, p. 444, 13 and RO, p. 615). Among the descendants ofPalden Tashi was the famed Gedun Qhopd (dge 'dun clws 'phe~ 1905-51). See RO, p. 647. 45. The Golden Garland ofthe KogyuLineage(hka' hrgyud gser phreng). A collection of hagiographies of Kagyu saints. There are several such collections, related to the different branches of the Kagyu lineage. 1 Early Years First, I will describe the place and circumstances ofmy birth, which were the result of my past good karma and pure aspirations Within the reahn tamed by the peerless Buddha Shakyamuni, north of the Diamond Throne of India, 1 the center of the southern continent of Jambudvipa, lies the Golden Valley of Rekong where Jetsun Kalden Gyatso, 2 "Fortunate Ocean," an emanation of the sublime Avalokiteshvara, benefited countless beings.

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