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The marines were to stand offshore on call to mount a rescue expedition into the interior, so Smedley was "anxiously waiting for a nigger to throw a stone. " 10 The Panther returned to Puerto Cortes for a final three weeks' offshore picket duty. S. military involvement was attested to by the absence of damage to foreign interests, the relative tranquility of the revolution itself, and the marginal nature of the intervention, which was mainly an offshore naval watch. S. " \1 At any rate a pivotal step, however pedestrian, had been taken in establishing exclusive American hegemony based on unobstructed military reach.

4 The State Department was intent on getting rid of Zelaya, and it clearly 40 MAVERICK MARINE foreboded military intervention with numerous expressions of official contempt. S. client dictators. Zelaya's downfall in late 1909 and the ensuing reduction of Nicaragua to an American protectorate were precipitated by his dogged, and in the circumstances provocative, financial independence. S. regional hegemony. By scrupulously paying Nicaragua's foreign debt, Zelaya not only avoided the snares of American fiscal arbitration but established solid enough credit to float a £1,250,000 loan with a European syndicate in the spring of 1909, despite strenuous State Department efforts to quash the undertaking.

Americans came next with 25 dead and 98 wounded. The American consul estimated 15,000 Chinese were killed or wounded. 14 The ensuing occupation and plundering of the Walled City was grotesque, excessive even for a colonial punitive campaign. Scandalous misbehavior by allied troops, amply reported in the world press, belied the motif of civilization versus savagery in which the expedition had been righteously cast, particularly the racial aspect inasmuch as Japanese troops were conspicuously well-disciplined throughout.

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