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By John Rajchman

Fact and Eros: Foucault, Lacan and the query of ethics.: quantity three (Rouledge Library versions: Michel Foucault)

In this reissused paintings, first released in 1991, John Rajchman isolates the query of ethics within the paintings of Foucault and Lacan and explores its ramifications and implications for the current day. He demonstrates that the query of ethics was once instantaneously the main tough and the main intimate query for those authors, supplying a posh aspect of intersection among them. As such, he argues that it belongs to the good culture that's inquisitive about the eagerness or eros of philosophy and of its "will to truth".

Truth and Eros indicates a manner of examining Foucault and Lacan as philosophers who re-eroticised the task of concept in our time, opeing new and diverse areas for inspiration and motion - new forms of subjectivity.

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He would tell the story of this origin through a kind of prehistoricfiction or myth. " We have interpretedthe first rules of morality and moral restriction of primitive society as reactionsto a deedwhich gave the authorsof it the conceptionof crime. They regrettedthis deedand decidedthat it should not be repeatedand that its executionmust bring no gain. This creative senseof guilt has not becomeextinct with us. We do not find deedsbut only impulsesand feelings which soughtevil but which were restrainedfrom carrying it out.

The picture Freud offered of what it meansfor us to live was thus a "tragic" one. It is a picture of a basic "morbidity" that cannotbe avertedby anythingwe can know or calculateas our good. The storieswe tell of our lives, and which we can never stop writing LACAN 33 in them, would betray this "truth" about us, this aveu of what it is that we love without knowing it. The Life of the Body A basicprinciple of psychoanalysisis that our life, evenand especially "the life of the mind," is an embodiedlife.

As such it would in fact go back to a remark Socratesmakesin Plato'sSymposium:I may not know the good, but I do know somethingaboutthe erosof the search for it. The supposition of Aristotle's teachingor paideia would be that it is of the very essenceof the soul to seekthis knowledgeof which the impious men would be ignorant-justthe desirethat Socratesknew how to induce in the young men of Athens. In his Seminaron Transferenceof 1960-61,Lacanwould continue his discussionof ancientethics through a minute commentaryof the Symposium,the dialogueof the friendly contestin which men deliver to one anotherin turn great discourseson the natureof the Eros that possesses them.

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