Is there any shortcut way to know whether the article at hand is qualitative or quantitative by looking at the title of the article?

Answer     Admin   November 15, 2016
Yes there are several short-cut ways but sometimes they might not work. For example, generally, if you see in the title words like 'relationship/ impact/ effect/ difference/ determinants/ predictors' so and so forth, you may guess at first instance that the article in hand is quantitative. Usually authors of quantitative research mention any of these words in the title. Secondly, some authors mention in the title their techniques of analysis; for example: Analysis of variance, Analysis of Covariance, Time-series, Factor analysis, Multiple regression analysis, Logistic regression analysis, etc. Therefore, if you see any of these names of analysis in the title, you must know that the paper has been written by employing quantitative methods. Similarly, in the titles of qualitative research, the word 'explore' is written. However don't limit yourself in the title, usually researchers read the abstracts too. In abstract you must find whether the method is quantitative or qualitative.