What are the basic parts of a standard research proposal?

Answer     Admin   April 23, 2017
A good good research proposal (RP) is half of the entire research. This is why, RP should be written with attention and patience. Necessary skills for the proposed research should be achieved at the time of writing RP. Conventionally the following parts are maintained in RP. 00) Title of the study 01) Introduction 02) Background 03) Theoretical framework or Conceptual framework 04) Operational Definition 05) Research Objectives 06) Research Questions 07) Research Hypothesis (If Quantitative research method is applicable) 08) Research Methodology including research design, sampling, data collection procedures, data analysis method, Validity, Reliability, pilot test etc. 09) Literature Review 10) Limitations 11) Significance of the study 12) Conclusion 13) Reference list or bibliography 14) Appendix: List of Interview Questions/ Questionnaire/ etc This above structure of RP is generally followed in empirical research of social sciences, business studies, education and other disciplines where data is collected from primary sources.