Upcoming Workshops!

DISC International offers a good number of training and workshops every month with an aim of giving comprehensive research skills. The list of workshops are given below for the interested learners and researchers. Anyone can select a particular workshop from the following list and join.

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For General Research Skills:-

Open and Interactive discussion on  Research Strength

Dealing with PhD A-Z

How to write Research Proposal (Qualitative / Quantitative and Mixed)

How to defend PhD research proposal

How to Review literature for article or thesis

How to Publish articles in High-Ranked international journals

Intensive training on Bibliography and Reference with Mendeley

Skills on Research Reading

Skills on Research Writing

How to get post-doctoral fellowship


Series of Workshops on Quantitative Research Methods:-

Quantitative Research Methods (Variables, Research Questions, Data collection & Analysis

Basic Statistics for statistical analysis of quantitative data

Understanding statistical report of empirical research papers

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science) – for Beginners

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science) – for Advanced users

AMOS for Structural Equation Modeling

Data collection in Quantitative Research

Data analysis in Quantitative Research

Designing Survey Questionnaire for Quantitative Research


Series of Workshops on Qualitative Research Methods:-

Qualitative Research Methods (Research Questions, Data collection & Analysis)

Atlas. ti® for Qualitative data/ Interview/ text analysis

Nvivo for Qualitative data/ Interview/ text analysis

Data collection in Qualitative Research

Data analysis in Qualitative Research


Special Sessions:-

Introduction to Research Methodology

Creative Research Methods for Arts and Humanities, Religious  Studies

মাদ্রাসা এবং ইসলামিক স্টাডিজ রিসার্চ:

Intensive Research Internship

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